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OrganizationIndustryCountryCertification levelStatus

Adelca Acería del Ecuador C.A.Fashion & LuxuryEcuadorEDGE AssessCertified

Allianz Global Investors GmbHFashion & LuxuryGermanyEDGE AssessCertified

Allianz Global Investors GmbH, succursale françaiseFashion & LuxuryFranceEDGE AssessCertified

Allianz Global Investors GmBH, UKFashion & LuxuryUnited KingdomEDGE AssessCertified

Asiaflex Products Sdn BhdFashion & LuxuryMalaysiaEDGE AssessCertified

Asian Development BankFashion & LuxuryPhilippinesEDGE AssessCertified

AXA FranceFashion & LuxuryFranceEDGE AssessCertified

AXA Technology Services BelgiumFashion & LuxuryBelgiumEDGE AssessCertified

AXA Technology Services FranceFashion & LuxuryFranceEDGE AssessCertified

AXA Technology Services GermanyFashion & LuxuryGermanyEDGE AssessCertified

AXA Technology Services SwitzerlandFashion & LuxurySwitzerlandEDGE AssessCertified

AXA Technology Services UKFashion & LuxuryUnited KingdomEDGE MoveCertified

AXA Technology Services USAFashion & LuxuryUSAEDGE AssessCertified

AXA Technology Shared Services India Pvt. LtdFashion & LuxuryIndiaEDGE AssessCertified

Banque Lombard Odier & Cie SAFashion & LuxurySwitzerlandEDGE AssessCertified

Capgemini Americas Inc.Fashion & LuxuryUSAEDGE AssessCertified

Capgemini CanadaFashion & LuxuryCanadaEDGE MoveCertified

Capgemini S.A.Fashion & LuxuryFranceEDGE AssessCertified

Capgemini UKFashion & LuxuryUnited KingdomEDGE AssessCertified

CEPDFashion & LuxuryPolandEDGE AssessExpired

Comisión Federal de Competencia EconómicaFashion & LuxuryMexicoEDGE AssessCertified

Company A BrazilFashion & LuxuryBrazil-In progress

Company A CanadaFashion & LuxuryCanada-In progress

Company A ChinaFashion & LuxuryChina-In progress

Company A FranceFashion & LuxuryFrance-In progress

Company A GermanyFashion & LuxuryGermany-In progress

Company A IndiaFashion & LuxuryIndia-In progress

Company A IndonesiaFashion & LuxuryIndonesia-In progress

Company A JapanFashion & LuxuryJapan-In progress

Company A MauritiusFashion & LuxuryMauritius-In progress

Company A MoroccoFashion & LuxuryMorocco-In progress

Company A Papua New GuineaFashion & LuxuryPapua New Guinea-In progress

Company A PhilippinesFashion & LuxuryPhilippines-In progress

Company A SwitzerlandFashion & LuxurySwitzerland-In progress

Company A United KingdomFashion & LuxuryUnited Kingdom-In progress

Company A USAFashion & LuxuryUSA-In progress

Company B FranceFashion & LuxuryFrance-In progress

Company B IndonesiaFashion & LuxuryIndonesia-In progress

Company B PhilippinesFashion & LuxuryPhilippines-In progress

Company B SwitzerlandFashion & LuxurySwitzerland-In progress

Company B United KingdomFashion & LuxuryUnited Kingdom-In progress

Company B USAFashion & LuxuryUSA-In progress

Company C IndonesiaFashion & LuxuryIndonesia-In progress

Company C SwitzerlandFashion & LuxurySwitzerland-In progress

Company C United KingdomFashion & LuxuryUnited Kingdom-In progress

Company C USAFashion & LuxuryUSA-In progress

Company D IndonesiaFashion & LuxuryIndonesia-In progress

Company D SwitzerlandFashion & LuxurySwitzerland-In progress

Company D USAFashion & LuxuryUSA-In progress

Company E USAFashion & LuxuryUSA-In progress

Company F USAFashion & LuxuryUSA-In progress

Compartamos Servicios S.A. de CV (Gentera)Fashion & LuxuryMexicoEDGE AssessCertified

Danper Trujillo SACFashion & LuxuryPeruEDGE AssessCertified

DDB WorldwideFashion & LuxuryUSAEDGE AssessCertified

DDB Worldwide CanadaFashion & LuxuryCanadaEDGE AssessCertified

Deloitte SwitzerlandFashion & LuxurySwitzerlandEDGE AssessExpired

Deutsche Bank (Suisse) SAFashion & LuxurySwitzerlandEDGE AssessCertified

Elsevier B.V.Fashion & LuxuryNetherlandsEDGE AssessCertified

Elsevier Beijing LimitedFashion & LuxuryChinaEDGE AssessCertified

Elsevier FranceFashion & LuxuryFranceEDGE AssessCertified

Elsevier GmbHFashion & LuxuryGermanyEDGE AssessCertified

Elsevier Inc.Fashion & LuxuryUSAEDGE AssessCertified

Elsevier IndiaFashion & LuxuryIndiaEDGE AssessCertified

Elsevier JapanFashion & LuxuryJapanEDGE AssessCertified

Elsevier Limited UKFashion & LuxuryUnited KingdomEDGE AssessCertified

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)Fashion & LuxuryUnited KingdomEDGE AssessCertified

Flexi France – TechnipFashion & LuxuryFranceEDGE AssessCertified

FMOFashion & LuxuryNetherlandsEDGE AssessCertified

Genesis Oil & Gas Consultants Pty LtdFashion & LuxuryAustraliaEDGE AssessCertified

GIE Axa ParisFashion & LuxuryFranceEDGE AssessCertified

Gruppo Zurich ItaliaFashion & LuxuryItalyEDGE AssessCertified

Holcim (Colombia) S.A.Fashion & LuxuryColombiaEDGE MoveCertified

IKEA SwitzerlandFashion & LuxurySwitzerlandEDGE LeadCertified

Inter-American Development BankFashion & LuxuryUSAEDGE AssessCertified

International Finance CorporationFashion & LuxuryUSAEDGE AssessCertified

International Finance Corporation – IFC ColombiaFashion & LuxuryColombiaEDGE AssessCertified

International Finance Corporation – IFC IndiaFashion & LuxuryIndiaEDGE AssessCertified

International Finance Corporation – IFC MexicoFashion & LuxuryMexicoEDGE AssessCertified

International Finance Corporation – IFC TurkeyFashion & LuxuryTurkeyEDGE AssessCertified

International Monetary FundFashion & LuxuryUSAEDGE AssessCertified

L’Oréal AustraliaFashion & LuxuryAustraliaEDGE MoveCertified

L’Oréal BrazilFashion & LuxuryBrazilEDGE AssessCertified

L’Oréal CanadaFashion & LuxuryCanadaEDGE AssessCertified

L’Oréal IndiaFashion & LuxuryIndiaEDGE MoveCertified

L’Oréal PhilippinesFashion & LuxuryPhilippinesEDGE AssessExpired

L’Oréal Russia (Zao L’Oréal)Fashion & LuxuryRussiaEDGE MoveCertified

L’Oréal USAFashion & LuxuryUSAEDGE AssessCertified

Marriott International Inc.Fashion & LuxuryCosta RicaEDGE MoveCertified

Mercer UKFashion & LuxuryUnited KingdomEDGE AssessCertified

Mycronic ABFashion & LuxurySwedenEDGE AssessCertified

Pacific Advisors LLCFashion & LuxuryUSAEDGE AssessCertified

Pfizer LLC (Pfizer Russia)Fashion & LuxuryRussiaEDGE AssessCertified

SAPFashion & LuxuryUSAEDGE AssessCertified

SAP Asia Pte LtdFashion & LuxurySingaporeEDGE AssessCertified

SAP AustraliaFashion & LuxuryAustraliaEDGE AssessCertified

SAP BrasilFashion & LuxuryBrazilEDGE AssessCertified

SAP CanadaFashion & LuxuryCanadaEDGE AssessCertified

SAP ChinaFashion & LuxuryChinaEDGE AssessCertified

SAP Czech RepublicFashion & LuxuryCzech RepublicEDGE AssessCertified

SAP FranceFashion & LuxuryFranceEDGE AssessCertified

SAP India Pvt. Ltd.Fashion & LuxuryIndiaEDGE AssessCertified

SAP IrelandFashion & LuxuryIrelandEDGE AssessCertified

SAP JapanFashion & LuxuryJapanEDGE AssessCertified

SAP LimitedFashion & LuxuryUnited KingdomEDGE AssessCertified

SAP SEFashion & LuxuryGermanyEDGE AssessCertified

Stella McCartney America Inc.Fashion & LuxuryUSAEDGE AssessCertified

Stella McCartney Italia S.r.lFashion & LuxuryItalyEDGE AssessCertified

Stella McCartney LimitedFashion & LuxuryUnited KingdomEDGE AssessCertified

Swiss Reinsurance Company LtdFashion & LuxurySwitzerlandEDGE AssessCertified

Technip BrasilFashion & LuxuryBrazilEDGE AssessCertified

Technip Corporate ServicesFashion & LuxuryFranceEDGE AssessCertified

Technip FranceFashion & LuxuryFranceEDGE AssessCertified

Technip France – Abu Dhabi (TechnipFMC)Fashion & LuxuryUnited Arab EmiratesEDGE AssessCertified

Technip Geoproduction (M) Sdn BhdFashion & LuxuryMalaysiaEDGE AssessCertified

Technip Italy S.p.A.Fashion & LuxuryItalyEDGE AssessCertified

Technip OceaniaFashion & LuxuryAustraliaEDGE AssessCertified

Technip UK LtdFashion & LuxuryUnited KingdomEDGE AssessCertified

Technip USAFashion & LuxuryUSAEDGE AssessCertified

Tieto Sweden ABFashion & LuxurySwedenEDGE AssessCertified

Wilson CenterFashion & LuxuryUSAEDGE AssessCertified

World Bank Washington DCFashion & LuxuryUSAEDGE AssessCertified

Zurich Financial Services AustraliaFashion & LuxuryAustraliaEDGE AssessCertified

Zurich Gruppe DeutschlandFashion & LuxuryGermanyEDGE AssessCertified

Zurich Insurance Company – CH Business UnitFashion & LuxurySwitzerlandEDGE AssessCertified

Zurich Insurance Company – CH Corporate CenterFashion & LuxurySwitzerlandEDGE AssessCertified

Zurich Insurance Company – Hong KongFashion & LuxuryHong KongEDGE AssessCertified

Zurich Insurance Company – IrelandFashion & LuxuryIrelandEDGE AssessCertified

Zurich Insurance Company – SpainFashion & LuxurySpainEDGE AssessCertified

Zurich Insurance plcFashion & LuxuryUnited KingdomEDGE AssessCertified

Zurich JapanFashion & LuxuryJapanEDGE AssessCertified

Zurich MexicoFashion & LuxuryMexicoEDGE AssessCertified

Zurich Seguros BrazilFashion & LuxuryBrazilEDGE AssessCertified

Zurich Versicherungs-AktiengesellschaftFashion & LuxuryAustriaEDGE MoveCertified

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