Daniel Muntwyler

Member of the EDGE Certified Foundation Board

Daniel Muntwyler is co-founder and as such part of the history of Globalance Bank.

The ability to serve clients with commitment, competence and understanding – Daniel Muntwyler stood out for that talent already at SAM Group. As a member of that company’s Executive Committee, he spent years as its Head of Institutional Clients Switzerland and also administered the exchange-listed entity, Sustainable Performance Group (SPG).

Almost two decades ago, namely in 1996, Daniel Muntwyler joined SAM Group. His vast experience is something he passes on directly to you as a client. Previously, he spent a number of years with FUNDES, a foundation focused on the support of small-sized enterprises in Latin America. There, he learned from the ground up how to identify and champion future-oriented projects.

Daniel Muntwyler earned a degree in business administration from the University of Zurich and completed post-graduate studies in emerging nation development (NADEL) at the ETH in Zurich.

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