Livia Ferbinteanu

Programme and Research Coordinator, EDGE Certified Foundation

Livia assists in maintaining the efficient running of the EDGE Certified Foundation’s operations and strategic projects, and contributes to the continuous development and improvement of the EDGE Certification Standards and Methodology.  Drawing upon a diverse academic and activist-focused background, she ensures an ongoing and in-depth analysis of current DE&I discourse, practices, and their sociopolitical underpinnings, to serve as basis for the review and application of the EDGE Certification Standards.

Before joining EDGE Certified Foundation, she undertook research on the intersection of corporate DE&I policies and socioeconomic inequity, as part of her MA degree in Political, Legal, and Economic Philosophy from University of Bern. She holds a BSc degree in Criminology and Psychology from University of South Wales and a BA degree in Philosophy from KU Leuven.

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