Building Bridges Underpinned by the EDGE Solution in the Gender Equity and ESG Environments

Posted on December 15th, 2021

EDGE actively participated in last week’s Building Bridges event in Geneva, Switzerland. The EDGE co-Founder, Aniela Unguresan presented at the SFG / Gender Lens Initiative for Switzerland session. The event provided a collaborative platform aimed at accelerating the transition to more sustainable economies globally and promoting the role of the financial community as a key player on this journey.

As the title of the event suggests, one of the core foundations of the discussions was related to fostering effective collaborations to drive change and accelerate progress in ESG topics, and support real-world impact aligned with the SDGs.

ESG is entering a mainstreaming phase, after years of foundational efforts, and EDGE is fortunate to have developed a number of pertinent and productive collaborations with key actors in the area of ESG research, ESG investing and sustainable finance, as illustrated in the infographic here below.

These partnerships are insightful and impactful as the EDGE Certification solution directly addresses many of the key criticisms currently prevalent in ESG data and investment circles and more specifically in the field of gender equity in the workplace, namely:

  • Deficiencies in the availability of data
  • Little consistency and comparability of data
  • The lack of third-party verified data
  • Unclarity on the materiality of different metrics to the risk and return of an investment
  • Few frameworks ensuring accountability of organizations to take concrete action to improve performance

EDGE certifying organizations are assessed against a robust, comprehensive and standardised framework underpinned by an independent third-party verification. The EDGE system measures an organization’s intentions, impact and perceptions, and notably instils accountability to take action on identified gaps and to accelerate progress to gender equity.

EDGE firmly believes that organizations that effectively manage meaningful data and who create an effective environment for an equitable talent pipeline and career progression will outperform their competitors over time.

Together with our strategic partners, we are proud to support and offer a trusted, tangible framework and solution to this transformation within the gender equity and ESG environment.

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