EDGE Certification for Gender Equality appoints Simona Scarpaleggia as the new Global CEO

Posted on September 1st, 2020

Media Release, Zug, 1st September 2020// EDGE Strategy has today announced the appointment of Simona Scarpaleggia as its new global CEO. Scarpaleggia will work together with EDGE Co-Founder Aniela Unguresan, who will take up the role as Executive Chairwoman to accelerate the pace towards gender equality as well as diversity and inclusion at a global level. Simona Scarpaleggia is the former CEO of IKEA Switzerland and Co-Chair of the United Nations High Level Panel for Women’s Economic Empowerment, as well as Co-Founder of the business associations “Valore D” and “Advance”, both of which join forces with leading companies to make a powerful contribution to women‘s empowerment in both Italy and Switzerland. She is author of the best-selling book “The Other Half”, which outlines key steps towards building a gender-balanced workforce.

Measuring equal pay, gender balanced representation and inclusiveness in organizations around the globe

EDGE Strategy is a dynamic, global organization, which is committed to the mission of closing the gender gap in the global workplace. It is the commercial arm of the EDGE Certified Foundation, which was co-founded by Aniela Unguresan and launched at the World Economic Forum in 2011. Since then EDGE has grown to become the leading assessment and business certification provider for gender equality for clients across the globe. These include global industry leaders such as IKEA, Capgemini, L’Oréal, Accenture, SAP and Pfizer, alongside leading financial institutions and multilateral development agencies such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, central banks such as the European Central Bank and UN agencies such as UNICEF.

Next Level for EDGE Strategy

“Measurement, a clear pathway, transparency and accountability for progress, as well as independent validation and recognition are the essential ingredients for closing the workplace gender gap. As the global leader in preparing organizations for EDGE Certification, EDGE Strategy has decided to take its reach and impact to the next level and to appoint Simona Scarpaleggia as global CEO.” said Aniela Unguresan, “With her proven track-record in fostering measurable progress in the mission to accelerate gender equality and women’s empowerment for the past decades, she could not be more ideally suited for the task.”

Simona Scarpaleggia takes up her new role from 1st September 2020. “It’s only right that every organization in the world should strive for equal pay conditions, equal rights and equal opportunities for both men and women”. said Simona Scarpaleggia, “It has been repeatedly proven that this makes companies more resilient, agile and successful. The Certification process is the ideal way for organizations to take stock, analyse and adjust their working environment and culture accordingly. I’m very much looking forward to building on the great work that has already been done in the months and years to come.”

Many countries have introduced legislative measures to ensure fair practices for gender equality, particularly as concerns equal pay. In Switzerland a new law came into effect on 1st July 2020 requiring all organizations to investigate whether they are respecting the principle of equal pay for work of equal value between women and men and to submit a report to the government within one year.

“EDGE offers its clients access to a web-based tool which effectively captures the data required for such an analysis for equal pay and other criteria.” said Simona Scarpaleggia, “However equal pay is not enough to guarantee gender equality, if the number of women in leadership positions is not significantly increased and if sound and fair policies are not known and in place.” EDGE will work to encourage a more wide-spread acceptance and adoption of fair practice, as well as offering the services, which allow companies to measure their progress and compliance with such laws.

EDGE Certification is a tiered system with three levels of certification – ASSESS, MOVE and LEAD – to enable advancement and recognition of organizations in different stages of their journey towards a gender equal workplace. EDGE engages with organizations to assess and measure and develop concrete action plans in four key areas:

1) gender balance at all levels;
2) pay equity;
3) the effectiveness of policies and practices to ensure equitable career flows for men and women;
4) an inclusive culture.

About EDGE: Launched at the World Economic Forum in 2011, the EDGE assessment methodology and certification were developed by the EDGE Certified Foundation. The Foundation continues to act as the guardian of the EDGE methodology and certification standards while its commercial arm, EDGE Strategy, works with companies to prepare them for the EDGE Certification. With its customer base of 200 large organizations in 37 countries across 5 continents the organization’s influence spans more than one million employees.

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Email: media@edge-strategy.com

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