Gender Smart Lending at the Philippine National Bank

Posted on November 20th, 2020

Flor Tarriela, the chairwoman of Philippine National Bank shares her insights on the topic of "gender smart lending" in Manila Bulletin.

What is gender smart lending?

It is the conscious and deliberate integration of gender-specific data into financial analysis in order to find additional opportunities and minimize risks.

“Philippine private commercial banks (which includes PNB, the 4th largest private commercial bank) are gender neutral in granting credit, using the 4 C’s of Credit: character, capital, capacity and collateral.  PNB’s portfolio shows that more than 50% of credit card holders and small business loans are to women. More than 50% of the depositors are women too. A good number of the business loans are to women owned or women-led businesses.”

“PNB has a policy of gender equality. While we have not been deliberate or intentional in “gender smart lending”, we have been doing it “intuitively”. PNB is the first Philippine bank to be Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) Certified. EDGE is the global business certification for gender equality in the workplace. And PNB was recently recognized by Asia Money as “Leader for Women” in 2020, having women as majority or 66% of the work force across all levels from rank and file to senior management.  PNB also has 4 women directors out of 15 directors or 27% women directors.”

Read the full article here.

Image Source: Tarriela, Flor G., “Gender smart lending”, Manila Bulletin, November 19, 2020.

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