Leveraging Big Data to Advance Gender Equality

Posted on July 7th, 2020

“Achieving gender equality will require significant amounts of accurate data about the situations and struggles of women and girls. Globally, however, there is a major gap in data that is disaggregated by sex, and this gap often renders women’s societal, cultural, and economic contributions and obstacles practically invisible.” […] “Part of the solution may be in the form of big data, which, if used effectively, can provide the volume of data needed to portray women and their situations accurately, which in turn can inform the creation of evidence-based solutions.”

Source: Leveraging Big Data to Advance Gender Equality. Emerging Markets Compass published by IFC Thought Leadership, June, 2020. Washington DC: IFC.

Read the full report by Ahmed Nauraiz Rana published in the IFC Thought Leadership here.


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