Pictet Becomes Globally EDGE Certified for its Commitment to Workplace Gender Equality

Posted on March 8th, 2019

Johan Tideman

3 minutes

Geneva/ Zug, Switzerland, March 8, 2019

The EDGE Certified Foundation has announced that the Pictet Group, the leading European-based independent wealth and asset manager, has obtained global EDGE Certification for its commitment to workplace gender equality. The Pictet Group has earned the EDGE ASSESS level of certification after a rigorous third-party evaluation as well as a comprehensive survey of its worldwide employees. This assessment recognises Pictet’s focus on building a gender-balanced pool of talent, ensuring pay equity, and having an effective framework of policies to ensure equitable career flows and an inclusive culture.

“For 214 years we have placed our people at the forefront of our concerns, since our success, past, present and future is intrinsically linked to the welfare of our staff,” said the Group’s Senior Partner, Nicolas Pictet. “This is why we believe so strongly in promoting a fair and inclusive work environment. We are proud to have obtained a global EDGE Certification at the first certification level, and commit to giving gender-related dimensions, alongside other criteria that contribute to diversity, a very high priority in the management of our business. In particular, we wish to increase the number of women at every level of our organisation. But we will not stop here,” he added. “We will work towards achieving the next global EDGE Certification levels.”

The EDGE Certification process testifies to Pictet’s practices that ensure the proactive management of pay equity. In addition, Pictet is becoming increasingly structured and systematic about attracting, retaining, developing and motivating a diverse and gender-balanced workforce. According to the survey, the great majority of Pictet’s employees believe that gender equality is important for the organisation to remain competitive in its markets, supporting top leadership’s commitment to this goal.

“We felt it was important to go through a rigorous, independent assessment to get an objective view of where we stand today,” said Bernd Uhe, Global Head of Human Resources of the Pictet Group. “The recommendations made by EDGE have reinforced our strategic action plan and highlighted particular areas where we need to focus over the next couple of years, including the introduction of gender-specific talent management objectives, systematically taking into account the gender dimension in succession planning, and ensuring that men and women have equal access to career-critical assignments.”

“We congratulate Pictet on its global EDGE ASSESS Certification,” commented Aniela Unguresan, Co-founder of EDGE Certified Foundation. “Pictet is making careers in the wealth and asset management more appealing for women. At the same time, by undergoing the global EDGE Certification process, Pictet demonstrates rigour and discipline to address gender equality.”


About EDGE Certification

EDGE is the leading global assessment methodology and business certification standard for gender equality. It measures where organizations stand in terms of gender balance across their pipeline, pay equity, effectiveness of policies and practices to ensure equitable career flows as well as inclusiveness of their culture. Launched at the World Economic Forum in 2011, EDGE Certification has been designed to help companies not only create an optimal workplace for women and men, but also benefit from it. EDGE stands for Economic Dividends for Gender Equality and is distinguished by its rigor and focus on business impact.

EDGE assessment methodology was developed by the EDGE Certified Foundation, which continues to act as the guardian of the EDGE methodology and certification standards. Its commercial arm, EDGE Strategy, works with companies to prepare them for the EDGE Certification. EDGE Certification is currently working with more than 200 organizations, in 50 countries and 23 industries.

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About  the Pictet Group

The Pictet Group is a partnership of seven owner managers, with principles of succession and transmission of ownership that have remained unchanged since foundation in 1805. It offers only wealth management, asset management and related asset services. The Group does not engage in investment banking, nor does it extend commercial loans. With CHF 496 billion in assets under management or custody at 31 December 2018, Pictet is today one of the leading Europe-based independent wealth and asset managers.

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and founded there, Pictet today employs more than 4,300 people. It has 27 offices in: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Basel, Brussels, Dubai, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hong Kong, Lausanne, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Montreal, Munich, Nassau, Osaka, Paris, Rome, Singapore, Stuttgart, Taipei, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Turin, Verona and Zurich. 

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